Why I Am Here

Yes. I am once again starting a blog. Before I published Travel With Odyssa, I checked on the last WordPress blog I created back in 2011. With a few attempts to pour out my feelings about an ex and my best friend’s wedding, I realised that it wasn’t working and I had to break up with my then newfound ‘love’.

The first-est blog I ever created was a tale of my simple college life. I retold experiences with college friends and professors who made life terrifying and ultra fun. I was consistent at posting and spent many sleepless nights worrying which photos – of the few I had – to post. When I learned that bloggers of today earn money through writing, I was filled with regret that I discontinued!

My first blog - PAPERBACK WRITAH - taken after a popular Beatles song
My first blog – PAPERBACK WRITAH – taken after a popular Beatles song


I don’t remember any moving purpose for that blog, honestly. I knew it was cool to have one and to know that people are actually reading my thoughts and responding through comments. To be specific, my readers are mostly friends who I force to check out my site. In the early 2000s (wow I feel old), having nice photos taken through a ‘digicam’ is considered cool and posting them on Friendster or a blog makes them even cooler. Standards have changed. A LOT. Blogs have become a way of life for a lot of people especially travellers.

Now, I have this blog for the following reasons:

1. I have fallen deeply in love with walking. Or hiking. Or trekking. Whatever it’s called, I KNOW that I love the forward movement that walking or running brings. I love to constantly move and stimulate my senses. I want to share that love to whoever will stumble upon my little blog.

Mt. Balagbag, Rodriguez Rizal

2. Travel teaches, changes and moves me. I hope that through the things that I write, I am able to do the same for you, my dear reader, and that it motivates you to finally take that bus ride or book that flight. Lola (Filipino term for ‘grandmother’) lived in Japan and US for many years and decided to retire in the Philippines with her husband. She is unable to take any flights because of her back and her weakening legs. After we talked for a few minutes, I asked myself where and how I would like to be when I am as old as her.

A grandma I met while waiting for my turn to wall climb in Pasay, Manila
A grandma I met while waiting for my turn to wall climb in Urbanpeak, Pasay, Manila

3. I have a separate journal where I write down almost everything that happens to me and I find it unfair not to share with the world the MOST WONDERFUL experiences I have with people, which I think is the most important part of traveling. I clearly remember how I met Dayang. I was inside a ‘bas’ or a bus in Kota Kinabalu, trying to get to Tanjung Aru which is a free beach that’s close to the airport. According to what I read, I can take 2 buses, clearly marked, get off and walk towards the beach – EASY. Turns out that I was lucky that day, the 2nd bus did not show up! Thanks to Dayang, she not only walked with me to the beach for around 2-3 kilometers but also saved me from getting ripped off by the driver of the 1st bus. I was getting charged 3x the minimum bus fare. That’s her outfit at work and she’s a lifeguard. Pretty interesting, yes?

With my Muslim friend, Dayang, who helped me to reach Tanjung Aru Beach by foot!

4. Just like any girl that keeps a notebook (which I do have too), it is cathartic to write down thoughts, feelings, opinions and dreams. With a blog, I know that like-minded people know about these and support me along the way.

We get by with a little help from our friends!
We get by with a little help from our friends!

5. Spread the word about the world! What needs to be done? What do I think is the best thing to do at times like these? How can I help? I want to reach out to as many as I can through this blog.

This is the right way to dominate the world!!!!
This is the right way to dominate the world!!!!

This is all about reaching out. I look forward to keeping this active, not being lazy and having more and more reasons to write. I’d be more than happy to respond to you. Let’s connect through email, Facebook, Instagram and whatever social network we can meet at. I also need your opinions, thoughts and dreams. Let’s keep them coming.


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