Life Questions

I belong to the yuppie group. YUPPIE means young, urban, professionals and these guys are trying to make a living, working for their dreams and making the most of their time on earth (remember YOLO?). The dream could be a house, a car, a trip to Europe or a retirement plan. Yuppies have good earning and spending power because they are creative, assertive, globally competitive and they work for what they want.

An office photo (obviously) - I have to look like a well-behaved little lady!
Obviously an office photo where I have to look like a behaved little lady!

Unlike during the age of our parents, job security is no longer the most important thing to look for. Today, it’s about who can keep up with the times. When I say ’the times’, it means today when we are wrapped in a world of information, constantly changing trends and better to best ideas springing left and right.

That office printer that won’t work when you need it to…

It is a lot different now than 5 years earlier and I was 25 years old. I was in a steady relationship with a great man and thinking of getting married, having kids, living in a nice house and getting groceries on Sundays. Little did I know that after 5 years, I will be a single woman visiting amazing places with nothing but a backpack with me and writing this blog post. Something did not change, though, and that is finding one’s ‘purpose’ – that one  source of joy and happiness that a career may not bring. Sure, we excel in our jobs, we get applauded for our professional accomplishments but when the lights are out and you are lying in bed alone, what thoughts run through your head? What is your heart’s cry? What is that one thing that you know in your heart will make you not just happy, but joyful and grateful for life, for love? Have you (or I) figured out what that is?

Maybe I’m meant to live under the sea

I wonder if among the billions of yuppies in the world, how many of those are able to live the life that they want? How many of us can truly say this without any doubt ‘I AM HAPPY’? Do you know anyone who can?

This is a photo of a real sunrise in Kiltepan, Sagada, Northern Luzon
This is a photo of a real sunrise in Kiltepan, Sagada, Northern Luzon

Need your thoughts here. Type away!


9 thoughts on “Life Questions

    1. Then that is GREAT and I am happy that you can say that! Very few people can, but I do know most vagabonds are able to, just because they live the life they want and not care so much about other people’s opinions. 🙂


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