Why Are You Not On Instagram?

If you aren’t yet, you have got to try. I love this platform because:
1. I love looking at photos.
2. I enjoy posting photos that I took myself.
3. 9gag makes my day.


Now who do I follow on Insta?
1. friends and family
2. travellers like Diego Bunuel, Trisha Velarmino, Journeyingjames
3. climbers, hikers, athletes and other superhumans such as Emily Harrington, Bear Grylls

4. dudes that inspire me like Tim Ferris, Jeb Corliss
5. musicians like The Lumineers, Switchfoot and Taylor Swift (of course!)

Taylor Swift
6. cool start ups such as Cotopaxi – their bags are proudly made by my fellow Filipinos in the Philippines. The one below is named after the biggest island in my country called Luzon.

Luzon backpack

7. artists like Valerie Chua
8. photographers like Mark Nicdao
9. hot girls like Gypsyone (yep)
10. 9gag

I am @odyssaa, we can connect there too! I try my best to fill my newsfeed with tons of beauty, positivity and inspiration.  What makes you follow?


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