I Used To Hate My Name

Among my group of friends, I have the weirdest name. Teachers, new acquaintances and friends, servers at cafes all have a hard time pronouncing my name. They have given me nicknames to make their lives easier: Ody, Odey, Odes, OD, ODess, Dessa, Des, Day, Odet, Dodet (when my niece was little)…the list goes on. As for the spelling, many have baptized me with Odessa, Odissa, Obyssa (hello, Starbucks!), Odeza, Odiza. It is funny.

One tall choco chip cream with whip, coming right up!

When I learned that my name was derived from Odyssey, I slowly started to feel comfortable with it. I became proud that I was named this way but still have to make an effort to say it loud especially in clubs where there is loud music and I’m Out with a tiny purse and some paint on my face ☺️

It was ONLY during this latter part of my life that I began to appreciate that my name meant Wanderer. Someone who wanders. Someone who travels. Someone who gets lost to find something. As I went through life, I felt like I grew into being this person. Although not entirely as I still have a full-time job and get lazy days when I only want to stay in bed to daydream. You will notice that on the upper left corner of this blog says something to this effect. This couldn’t be truer today. I feel lucky to have this little space on the web.


Read about why and how I started this blog.


6 thoughts on “I Used To Hate My Name

  1. Hahaha, I can relate to this, OMG, no matter how clear and well pronounced it is, there are just some people that can’t really understand the difference between “B” and “V” or “B” and “D”, or well, I can’t judge them, If that’s the way they know how to say it or write it, so be it. hahahaha..

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