My Second ‘About Me’

I recently sent out an application to represent this cool US outdoor gear shop. It took me hours to complete my application and a lot of thinking on whether I should send it out or not. As of today, I have no idea if I made it but I would like to share some of the things I included in my application.

So…who am I?

I work as an Account Executive for an outsourcing company based in Taguig City. Before this I was a Human Resource Professional specializing in recruitment and expatriate services. Some ventures and jobs I’ve done: opened and operated an online pet supplies store, taught English online to Japanese & Chinese professionals, tutored primary school kids, wrote for a US-based SEO company and working as part-time crew in an indoor cycling studio.

I love to hike, camp, travel and backpack solo. Though I am an ESFJ through and through (MBTI), I enjoy my time alone to take on the raw beauty of nature. I was born and raised in one of the smaller cities of Metro Manila and constantly yearn for the ambience of the Philippine provinces. Nothing makes me feel more alive than discovering new territory. Other things I love: reading travel books and blogs of real-life vagabonds, playing music with my guitar, running, wall climbing and swimming! I have helped in an animal rescue event in California, helped calamity-stricken families (Typhoon Haiyan) and organised a community outreach activities for children.

OH YEAH we had a parteeyy.

What are my plans?

On ____________, I am traveling to ____________. There is no specific date on when to move ____________ but I am doing _________ in ___________. The intent is not to tour but to travel and live as the locals do…..this is also a great opportunity to volunteer for a longer period and give of my time and resources to where I will be useful. Also it’s a good way to stretch my hard earned travel fund and stay overseas longer. I am subscribed to HelpX (something similar to WWOOF) and have chosen several organisations to work for.

Goals are to take a year off from employment, travel__________, _____________, _________,  and maybe win a __________. 😉

Most recent personal goals that I have achieved are conquering Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia last April and hiking up Mt. Mayon, my first volcano and our country’s ‘perfect cone’ back in June.

Mt. Mayon

This September 2015 I will be in the US to fulfill a lifelong dream of hiking in Yosemite Valley.

May odds be ever in my favor.


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