Looking Forward To Mid-September

Been swamped with work lately. My leave on the 16th is coming close and I can feel the pressure of having to finish tasks faster than usual. I promised myself that when I do get connection, I will catch up on work email so I don’t get shocked as I go back to the office on the 1st week of October.

I am NOT looking forward to feeling sad after a good vacation is over!! Do you feel this way too? What’s scary about a good thing is you know it doesn’t last for a long time and it’s over and done with no matter how long and hard you prepared for it.

My fellow Account Executive, Chesca
My fellow Account Executive, Chesca

ANYWAY. I am very much pre-occupied about this trip. I booked my tickets on February 2015 (Valentine’s Day hehe) and I have been planning and saving some good amount of money so I don’t get broke while on the road and when I get back. Maybe I will see gear and lots of candies so I might get those…

Another thing that I am super excited about is that I recently received some good news from this start-up US brand that I applied to be an ambassador for. It’s a great brand and I strongly believe in their cause.

YES I GOT IT! I am meeting their Marketing team this September and if time permits, will go on a hike with them too. I feel lucky to have been picked! I hope to become a good representative for them. I’ll be writing more about this soon. I will be using my own Luzon bag in my next trips and I simply cannot wait.

Hiking is nice!
Hiking is nice!

I still wonder why they said Yes to my application, they probably get tons, but I guess this did it!


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