Wall Climbing: Don’t Look Down!!

It was back in 2014 when I discovered that wall climbing is SUPER FUN. It still makes me scared when I go but I think the key is simple: just keep climbing and don’t look down (easier said than done!). I am NOT an expert, I don’t even climb regularly. But when there is a chance, I go, and last week there was a chance so I went with work mates and I had SO MUCH FUN.

Getting ready

One reason why I can’t get serious with climbing is I don’t have the right gear. My shoes are too big (which I have sold yesterday, by the way) and I don’t have my own harness. *I hope to score some good ones soon.*

Those pink socks
Those pink socks

One thing I would like to try in the near future is outdoor climbing. How I wish I can do this in Yosemite, but I’m not ready!! There are a few places in the Philippines that offer that but I haven’t been to any of them.

So far, these are the walls that I have seen and tried:

Sandugo Basekamp in Market! Market, Urban Peak in Imus, Urban Peak in MOA

I also got a chance to visit the wall in Kadlagan Wall in Bicol. It was raining hard then and I had an upset stomach from eating laing so I didn’t climb.

That final hold
That final hold

Try it if you haven’t! Belayers are always willing to teach and will take care of you while you’re up there. I have fallen many, many times but I still love it!

Oh and I found this nice blog about rock climbing in Rizal: http://www.outsideslacker.com/rock-climbing-wawa-montalban/


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