Rock Climbing in Salt Lake City, Utah

I had an opportunity to do a bit of rock climbing in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’d say it was one of the highlights of my US trip! It was so much fun, challenging, terrifying and satisfying. My good friends from Utah took me climbing with them, they have complete equipment and made time – for this I am SO grateful.

First try was at City Creek Canyon with my friend Jeremiah. We did ‘sport climbing’ which is similar to climbing in an indoor gym. I enjoyed this so much I did it 3x, and we had the most beautiful view of the sunset painting the mountains right before us. It was AMAZING. It was also pretty easy, despite the sharp rocks, but it got too dark and cold towards the evening so we had to go home and call it a night.

This is what I call 'silent excitement'.
I don’t know why I was frowning like that…I was happy!
Can't help but stop and look
Can’t help but stop and look

Second time was at Big Cottonwood Canyon to try East Dihedral with friends Alison and CJ of Cotopaxi. This was really challenging because we did 3 pitches (climbers call this ‘multi-pitch’) and I had no time to BACK OUT lol. I was not scared about my safety, I trusted my friends, but more for not being able to complete it, especially that I was with experts. They were kind enough to wait for me while I took time being superscareddd looking for footholds.

I want my own helmet!!
I want my own helmet!!

Third time, and my first time to see crack, was at Bushwhack Crack in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I failed to go up even an inch. It was too difficult for my weak arms. Haaaa. ENEMY!

Bushwhack Crack
Bushwhack Crack
SLC is the home of pretty
SLC is the home of pretty

Because of these experiences, I feel motivated to try out our very own rock climbing destination in Wawa Dam, Rizal. I am actively seeking climbing partners!!

Feeling legit (but not really legit)

Before this, I have only tried wall climbing in gyms. It’s ENTIRELY different from the other but both are super fun to do. Do you enjoy climbing?


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