Earth Kitchen – BGC, Taguig City

From the time that Earth Kitchen, BGC branch (above Jamba Juice in High Street), opened, I have eaten there quite a lot of times – alone, with a friend, with a group of friends. I simply love the place.

Lunch with girl crush Christin
Lunch with girl crush Christin

My take on this restaurant:

Staff provides great customer service. You are welcomed nicely when you arrive. They are polite, they listen to you, they make recommendations, refill your glass with water even without you asking, they are ever willing to take photos of you and your friends. These things are important! I don’t eat often in restaurants because I avoid spending too much money on food (yep) but when I do, I know that my experience can be greatly affected by how I am treated by the staff. A negative experience in a restaurant does not only come from bad food, but mostly from bad service. You won’t see this in Earth Kitch!

Polite staff at EK

The interiors look great. Though my aesthetic judgement isn’t impressive, the look basically says ‘We only serve organic and healthy food here and there’s no soda.’ #ThereReallyIsNoSoda #OnlyJuice (The juice is yummy!) The colors are refreshing, vibrant, natural. It has a lot of wood, greens, and images portraying our local traditions.

Pinoy na Pinoy
We love local!

The food. Oh, the food. I’m going to express my feelings through photos!

Earth Kitchen: Shrimp spring rolls
Shrimp spring rolls
Earth Kitchen: Mushroom ravioli
Mushroom ravioli
Soft tacos
Soft tacos
Earth Kitchen: Beef and citrus salad
Beef and citrus salad
Squid ink and aligue
Squid ink and aligue
Beef kebab
Beef kebab
Goat's cheese
Goat’s cheese
Janby, PINKY, Trish
Janby, PINKY, Trish

The best thing about Earth Kitchen: It is a partnership project with Got Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports marginalized communities in the Philippines. Food served in EK is healthy, clean, and good. Almost all ingredients used are sourced from local farmers. Before reading the menu, read through a background page of EK, how it came about and what it does for specific communities.

Visit these websites to know more: Got Heart Foundation and Earth Kitchen.

Earth Kitchen

I hope you enjoy your first, second, or third visit to this place and let me know how you like your food!

Earth Kitchen in the Fort: Upper G/F C2 Building, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City You may contact them here for feedback or reservations. Complete menu here.

PS – My girl crush Christin is a self-taught watercolor artist. Check out her work here!!


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