I Remember You If We Have Hiked Together

Because ultimately, there are 3 things that I bring home from a trip.

1. THOUGHTS OF WHO I HIKED WITH AND THE THINGS WE TALKED ABOUT. Not all, not everything, but I do remember a lot of conversations made during a hike. During this walk with Megan, we talked about college SATs, Taylor Swift, her boyfriend and tons of high school stuff.

PS – I am not a creep.

Megan at Placerita Canyon, LA
Megan at Placerita Canyon, LA

2. HOW THE TRAIL MADE ME FEEL. I remember slipping on my butt as I was descending Mt. Kinabalu – that hurt. I felt like crying and I started to think of my office workstation, my warm bed at home, and my dog Peanut. I remember eating Kitkats and feeling satisfied while resting on our way to Mt. Pulag campsite. I remember feeling angry and cursing the slippery ground when it started raining while hiking up to Gulugod-Baboy at 11PM.

Mt. Talamitam grumpy monster
Mt. Talamitam grumpy monster

3. HOW THE SUMMIT OR END OF THE TRAIL LOOKS LIKE AND FEELS LIKE. It always brings out the same emotion each time. There’s exhilaration, satisfaction, contentment, tranquility and this soft music playing in my head.

view from Lioness Back
view from Lioness Back

When I have kids, I promise to bring them hiking with me. I PROMISE!!

What do you remember from your hikes?


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