On Getting Comfortable With New Beds

After having had several solo trips, I have gotten used to sleeping in new beds. Sleeping close to people I do not know after a long day of walking or making friends with strangers and then sleeping in one small area together after only 30 minutes of talking. These situations may seem odd and unsafe or dangerous to some, but these are normal to me now.

If someone showed me a picture of how my life is like now 4 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. I would never have imagined myself doing crazy things such as sleeping in an airport, hitch hiking in a foreign country, booking a plane ticket with NO plans at all, not booking a hotel room, couchsurfing, getting on a motorcycle with a ‘guide’ into a ‘secret’ waterfalls and seeing him bring out handcuffs from his motorcycle. Nope.

My sense of getting familiar or comfortable with a new situation and beds have gotten better through time. As long as I have my basic needs – food, water, roof above me or a tent to sleep in – I’m alright. Ohhh maybe I need the internet, or my phone camera, some cash and candy…

Mt. Batulao

Travel and adventures changed me a lot. Maybe a bit too much. There’s this gnawing fear in me that people who have known me from many years ago will no longer want to be friends¬†because I have changed a lot. I can only hope that I did, for the better.


2 thoughts on “On Getting Comfortable With New Beds

  1. Ay oo nga. Me naman, important to sleep in a comfortable bed. Like dun sa Pulag, a night in the freezing mountain was enough. Soft and cozy hotel room naman yung dapat kasunod haha.

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