Strolling Down Intramuros

Manila and its good old charms. Photos taken by CJ Brosas while strolling in Intramuros, Manila, an old Spanish town.

Me and my Cusco
Me and my Cusco
Guardia Civil
Guardia Civil
Pinoy jeepney
Pinoy jeepney idea came from the American trucks used during the war
‘Askals’ or ‘aspins’ are stray dogs


This walk brought back memories of horrible Manila traffic, getting bugged by street kids while walking, going home at 9PM from my last class in Philippine Government and Constitution, eating dorm food, living the dorm life, saving my allowance just to get into the cinema….

Bambike provides a great tour of Intramuros while you ride a bike made out of bamboo, together with your friends and a local guide. It’s really cool and it’s the first in our country!

When was the last time you visited Manila?


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