I’m Turning 30 And I’m Weirdly Excited

Believe it or not, I am looking forward to turning 30. Why? Here’s why.

  1. A birthday always comes with an epiphany. Wonder what crazy thoughts I will have on that day.
  2. An epiphany is something I bring with me for a long time.

    28th Birthday
    28th Birthday
  3. Time runs faster as I get older.
  4. Because I know I’m older, I want, even more, to grab life by its balls.
  5. I want, even more, to move faster.

    Nueva Ecija, Philippines
    short hike in Laguna, Philippines
  6. I want, even more, to go slower and take the time. It’s confusing but we’ll figure it out one day.
  7. Life’s balls, which I see as opportunities and adventures are scattered everywhere.
  8. Everywhere, there are wise people to ask and learn from. They don’t have to be CEOs, spiritual leaders nor billionaires. Wisdom can come anyone.
  9. Learning never ends. This new year is another school year.
  10. Another year begins!

Truth is, a birthday is just a date. It’s just additional 24 hours consisting of work just like any other day, good food, Facebook birthday greetings and more socializing than usual. What makes it special is that I get reminded of all the things I should be thankful for and there’s so much. Life is and was never perfect but it doesn’t mean life is less meaningful. If you are family or a friend, thank you for being in my life, for seeing me through. I have a simple party for my birthday and I truly hope you can come. 

Dear reader, even if we haven’t met personally, if you got into this page through whatever means, thank you for passing by and I hope we get to meet in one of your (or my) trips in the future.

If you want some throwback, here are photos from the 29th birthday!


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