Get a new tattoo for my back (preferred location of artist: Asia),

fulfill my lifelong dream of standing in front of the Eiffel Tower to take an extremely cheesy photo

chase the Northern Lights

experience an African safari and get close to the real wild

Alaska Alaska Alaska (Denali)

follow the footsteps of Jesus in Israel

fall deeply in love without fear nor doubts nor hesitations

completely trust someone

learn and be fluent in another language (my basic French has hidden at the deepest parts of my brain)

spend hours doing volunteer work specific to teaching and working in farms

be totally converted to solar energy 

become vegan (still unsure about this)

lessen my material stuff by half (I’ve started selling and giving some away)

complete my camping and hiking gear (get a lightweight tent)

get a lighter backpack 

sort all my files into an external drive with the capacity to store Milky Way

be knowledgeable in programming

learn how to skateboard

re-learn how to use rollerblades

buy a starter mountain bike + nice biking shorts

to not be lazy, to stop daydreaming often

finish Becoming Odyssa book that I have started a month ago

read The 4-Hour Work Week for the 2nd time and take more notes

backpack in Europe 

have access to the internet anytime I need to

learn how to freestyle

memorise one rap song with all lyrics correct and complete, see Taylor Swift in concert



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