To My Future Son, Girls Are Beautiful Beings, Part 1

Dear son, before the time comes that you no longer want to kiss me in public, I am sharing this letter to the world. Hopefully I remember I made this, and it reaches you when the right time comes…and if you do come.

Sagada, Philippines
Sagada, Philippines

Girls are beautiful beings. They will give you a lot to live for. Pursue the girl of your dreams and know when to give up, when to pursue another girl. Oh yes, there are many, many girls out there. If and when your heart gets broken, we can always go for a drink or a run. Girls are a-plenty but there can only be one. Don’t wait for an occasion to give her flowers. Don’t rush into getting into bed.

Be wise in choosing the way your dad was (wink, wink). 

Believe in something and know when to speak about it. 

Be gentle but not timid. Be smart, know a lot of stuff, but do not be arrogant. Be presentable but not  intimidating.

Establish authority when needed but do not be rude. It’s okay to cry if you feel like crying.

We will do things together.

I will bring you to places that will allow you to run around, get dirty, scratched, bruised, hurt.

Because these will teach you to care for yourself and for others.

These will strengthen you and make you better.

These will turn you into the man you want to be, the man I want you to be.  


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