Tree Climbing: Second Time With Iggy

This tree is beautiful and special. We just had to go back and climb her again!! This time around we tried reaching her first branch and sat on it haha. It’s steady and sturdy and a good place for rest.

That’s my climbing buddy, Jeroen. There’s a few¬†people that I trust with my life. He’s one of them. :)) He is also teaching me other things related to travel and aviation – he is a licensed pilot.

While my buddy is busy setting up the rope on the branch, I was patiently standing on the ground with my Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia.

And the fun begins!
My phone does not have any protective case. Good thing Jeroen turned this peanut butter bottle into one.
Who’s happy?

Secured, safe and tied from 10 meters!

Rappeling is always difficult to start (at least for me). I figured that I will have to do this over and over and over so I get used to the feeling of leaning back and controlling the rope with my left arm. On to the next adventure mi amigos!!




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