Rock Climbing/Rappeling in Puerto Galera

It was a good day for a boat ride. Together with Luntian, my climbing buddy’s moody boat, we sailed for a good 40 minutes to find these rocks waiting to be climbed.

Before getting to the actual place of climbing, we had to go through an area with strong waves that scared the sh** out of me. But I got out of it alive, thank you GOD.

A beautiful capture of Jeroen’s boat, he named it Luntian – this is the Filipino word for the color ‘green’.
After minutes of looking for a good ‘parking space’ for the boat, fidgeting with the anchor and our gear, we stopped by a place that’s perfect for freestyle climbing.

Had a lot of fun on this day. Too bad Monday had to come.
I was taught how to find good anchor points and set up my own rappel line. It’s nice to learn new things that require a lot of focus because I lack that. I’m clumsy and forgetful. It’s SO HARD to remember how to tie knots. :/

No I didn’t jump into the water afterwards…Look at the wind blowing the leaves at the top. The wind makes them look like pretty pinwheels.
That’s not lola’s feet, those are my feet! My climbing shoes are WAY TOO SMALL for my size so after I use them, my feet look wrinkly and battered. So if you are planning to buy a pair, please be good to your feet and find the right size for ya.
There are more places that I would like to visit for a climb. There’s one in Anilao, Batangas. Another one in Sisiman, Bataan, then in Wawa Dam, Rizal and maybe the granite rocks in Cebu.

How cool is it to discover a place that is almost unknown to anyone, unnamed and unexplored? I want to live a life of adventure until I’m 80, if it’s possible. 😀





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