Calligraphy Workshop with Teacher Amanda

I want to be artsy and crafty. I get frustrated seeing friends who are able to create stuff with their hands.

SO I looked for a workshop I can attend and the first I got is calligraphy. 2 weeks ago, I sat down and practiced my ABCs again. With the workshop comes materials and snacks – now I have my own nib, ink, holder and worksheets. And what comes with having a new hobby is following Instagram accounts related to it. Hah!

Some reasons why this day was a good day:

  1. Press Cafe is the perfect place to be quiet and read, sit, eat good food, chat. We chose a big table in order for us to spread out our materials.
  2. Teacher Amanda was very nice and patient. I’m not kidding when I say I have the worst handwriting in history and I have NO art skill in my bones.
  3. No need to go to far! I had my 1:1 (yes, I was the only student!) in Alabang.
  4. I think that 1:1 sessions are the best because I get 100% of my teacher’s attention.


I found out that calligraphy is not entirely related to penmanship (thank God) but it’s a combination of strokes, so it’s basically like drawing. I love doing ‘drills’ (writing the alphabet, practicing my strokes) during idle time.  My brain zooms into whatever I am writing and that’s relaxing. It also helps that it looks REALLY pretty when done right. Hehe.

I get a cute certificate from my teacher! Thanks you, Amanda!

Goal is to create something nice for friends and family for the holidays (as I speak, I haven’t practiced for almost a week)! I really need to practice everyday.

Contact Amanda: 0906 494 4731 / / IG: amandaec



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