Welcoming 2016 With No Bang

Happy new year bloggers, friends, readers!

2015 is over, now in the past and it’s the perfect time to sum things up, box them and make a general statement about how the year was.

But I am not going to do that here.

There are a few words that I would like to anchor my life into with the coming of 2016:

Slow and mellow –  I would like to take my time. Take my time to think before I speak, to NOT double book into events, to check my schedule before I say ‘yes’, to rest when I need to, to be quiet when I feel like it.

Build – I would like to build for my retirement, for my future, for the time when I no longer work and live my dream farm life with my animals (err…pets).  I would like to build more memories and connections as I travel. Maybe, I can build a legacy, something that I can leave behind.

Create – I want to create things with my hands, art in particular. More about this soon!

I have dreams. And I chop them into small ones. My journal is proof of my endless to do lists with check marks, follow up arrows and Xs. Here’s to more of those!

Visiting Yosemite was one of my goals for 2015! Having a break from walking and moving around at Yosemite campgrounds with Morgane

Here’s a post I made about my friend Morgane.

Other things I did in the 2015 US Trip here!




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