A Journal To #Forever


If you are lucky enough to find this blog somewhere in the Google universe, and bored enough to roam around my simple site, you will probably sense that I like writing. I am definitely not the best one, but I enjoy it. There are 3 simple reasons why I like blogging:

  1. It’s a journal that can never ever be erased. It’s there foreverrrrr!
  2. This may not sound cool, but I really just simply write what’s on my mind. In essence, I don’t worry about who can read my thoughts. This is why I sometimes think that this blog is actually going to get nowhere hahaha but it still is fun to maintain.
  3.  The reach of a blog is amazing. I see visitors from Pakistan, Kenya, Norway…that’s really nice! And flattering! And makes me want to write more.
This Mt. Pulag sunrise may not live forever. I know I won’t. But maybe this blog will!!

Each one of us gets excited with a new project. Starting this blog was a once a project and now that I have it running okay (meaning, I am able to post and write on a regular basis), I wanna see how far and long this is gonna go.

This is my 3rd blog. Now, there is no need to broadcast the first two, I’d rather hide them. =D

Do YOU have a blog too? How often do you post and what are your favorite topics to write about?



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