A Job Is Never Just A Job

For a bit of background, I work as an Account Manager in a Belgian-Filipino company in Taguig City. I am part of the Sales & Marketing team, my role is client facing, strategic and there are times that I have to make major decisions for teams, managers, and clients. I like that I am making an impact on our operations, and I like being given the freedom to use my own judgement.

I am writing this, just to express my gratitude, that more than 2 years ago I got accepted into this team of brilliant people. It has been many, many days of challenges and changes, and I grew up a lot (and still growing) through all of those.

Our morning carpool selfie from Alabang to Fort Bonifacio

This has been a lazy weekend and aside from blogging, I’m thinking back on the past 2 days I spent with our crew (also known as our Operations Team) at the beach for our yearly planning session where we took time to look back on the year that was, and plan for what’s ahead.

Here’s what I learned so far:

  1. If you have a job and you hate it, there are only 2 things you can do: Look for a better one, or stay on it and change yourself.
  2. Change is constant. Your boss will change, your team will change, your position, salary, workstation number will change. Adapt, don’t resist it.
  3. Be nice to everybody. If you are not nice to someone, he/she will remember it and will tell people about it.
  4. Protect your ass all the time.
  5. Making mistakes is normal, but making them all the time, numerous times, is not so smart.
  6. Just do it. If you are not inspired, or you don’t have the energy to act on a project…look for inspiration and just do it.
  7. Have a life outside work. Please, don’t let this be your life: work-commute-TV-sleep-work. Life is to be enjoyed!
  8. Work is to be enjoyed too.
  9. Respect authority in the workplace. This does not mean you cannot disagree with them.
  10. Know how to use positive scripting. This will save your life!

What do YOU love about your job?



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