Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan

When I was a kid, I had an impression that going home to Pangasinan is a lot of hassle. My family and I went back to my Mama’s province every 4 or 5 years until the spaces in between got bigger and bigger.

It was a ‘big deal’ to go home, fill the car’s trunk with our bags and gifts for relatives. Going home last month was a lot different. I only had a backpack, my laptop so I can do some work and a phone (and clothes of course).

The small and big islands sitting next to each other is a beautiful site to look at. The boat ride to the first island, Governor’s, takes around 45 minutes.

On the way to our first stop, Governor’s Island, with my Cotopaxi Cusco
Warning: Feet will get wet and dirty!
Pangasinan is known for their export fish called Bangus or milkfish. We brought home 10 kilos to Manila.


It’s AMAZING to see small islands this way, from this angle


To get to Hundred Islands:

  1. Take a Five Star or Victory Liner or Partas bus going to Alaminos Pangasinan. Get off at Alaminos. This is what they call bayan or the city center. Costs around 400 pesos.
  2. From Alaminos, take a tricycle to Lucap Wharf. Around 100-150 pesos. You’re there!!

I was with Mama and we took a small boat for a ‘regular trip’. It cost us 1000 pesos, to visit Governor’s Island, Children’s Park and Quezon Island. For a small boat going to all islands, limitless number of hours stay in any island you like, it will cost you 1400. The bigger boats are more expensive of course.


Environmental Fee: P40 for daytrip, P80 for overnight

Motorboat Rates:

Small boat (max of 5 pax) DAYTOUR: P1000 for regular, P1400 for service OVERNIGHT: P2000 for regular, P3000 for service

Medium boat (max of 10 pax) DAYTOUR:  P1300 for regular, P 1800 for service OVERNIGHT: P2500 for regular, P3800 for service

Large boat (max of 15 pax) DAYTOUR: P1500 for regular, P2000 for service OVERNIGHT: P3000 for regular, P4500 for service

Like most trips, it is better to share expenses when there’s more participants.

Why this trip was cooler than any other trips:

  1. My mother was with me.

hundred222. She did not want me to go swimming at the beach in just a bikini but I still did and she still took my photos. She’s really my mama.

3. We spent lots of time talking about life. This does not happen often.

It was a very quick trip to Hundred Islands but worth every second. I highly recommend this trip for families and group of friends, I also think it’s best to stay in one of the islands by camping.


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