Hiking in Salt Lake City, Utah

Many people may not understand it but I find the simple act of  walking as a healing activity. Everyday I walk to work for some 20 minutes under the heat of the sun, and do the same at night.

I walk to the bank, I walk to the stores, I walk to the hospital, and even when I go out on a date, I walk it.

I take it as time for thinking and reflecting about my days.

My suggestion for you: if you visit a new place, go for a walk or a run. Travel allows you to see the place for what it is, feel how warm or cold it is in your skin. You will witness the activities of the residents during the early morning sunrise, and see how people retire during late afternoons.

If you do this, I can guarantee, the place will be more memorable than the last photo you took.

After this hike, I lied down on the ground for a nap. I had the most wonderful view before I dozed off. Aspen trees all around, a lake, rocks, sunshine – a beautiful scenery surrounded me.

I miss Utah.

Photos taken by Cotopaxi VP of Product, CJ Whittaker.

Follow him on Instagram: @chadofutah


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