Isla Una: Filipino Dining in Pasig City

The best kind of cooking is STILL Mama’s and Papa’s home cooking. Twice a month, I spend my weekends at my parents’ home in Las Pinas, the same house where I and my two brothers grew up. Aside from that time being family time, it is also my time sleep and eat to my heart’s content.

Filipino food is good food. It reminds us of family, of get togethers, of eating outside the house with children running around and titos and titas talking about the latest family chismis.

Isla Una, a Filipino restaurant in Citygolf, Pasig, gives off the same vibe. There you will find food that you would find on your own dining table. Crisy pata, pancit, kare-kare, pakbet, palitaw…

I recently got invited to visit Isla Una, together with other respected bloggers. Aaaand here’s my take on this restaurant:


Isla Una Calamansi Juice
As fresh as can be, Isla Una’s calamansi juice is a must try. It has the right taste of sweet and sour and has real calamansi fruits in it!
Isla Una Bangus ala Pobre
Bangus ala pobre is priced at 330 pesos. It is good but I was expecting the meat to be a bit more tender.
Isla Una Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata is not oily, and this is a good thing. At 650 pesos, it’s a dish that the entire family can share (depends on the number, and the appetite). You and I know this isn’t the healthiest dish, so tell Dad not to get the bigger portion.
Isla Una Pancit Guisado
Pancit Guisado is a bit too salty for my taste but the veg and other ingredients help create balance.
Isla Una Yamang Dagat
Yamang Dagat is delicious and highly recommended. It’s a mix of squid, shrimp and mussel cooked in coconut milk. Right kind of creamy and I love taking in the warm soup!! Priced at 410 pesos per pot.
Isla Una Sizzling Bulalo
Sizzling Bulalo is a pleasant surprise. Served with cream, the meat is soft and tender.
Isla Una Lechon Belly
Lechon Belly has the lechon crisp and taste we are all looking for. You can get a half order for 400 pesos, large order for 750.
Isla Una Kare Kare
Kare-kare is my favorite Filipino food of all time. I have tried quite a lot and I can say this is good kare-kare, a bit sweet, and can be eaten even without the bagoong.
Isla Una Yema Palitaw
This is the most Filipino of all! Yema Palitaw is served warm. It has the classic palitaw taste and texture but with yema, candy made of milk and egg yolk.

Prawn Aligue (no photo huhuh) is the best thing I tasted from all the dishes served.  It’s so good I regret not getting the take out. Highly recommended.

Isla Una name

The restaurant is located at Citygolf, Pasig. With traffic nowadays and the parking situation there, you may need to get out of your house an hour or more before your reservation. It has 3 floors – 1st floor is just tables, 2nd floor has the bar, 3rd floor is the restaurant’s own observation deck of the city. With a great view of Pasig and its neighboring cities, I suggest you get a table on this floor, fairly romantic too! ❤

Isla Una Name2
Angry Bird peeking through

Isla Una is located in City Golf Plaza, Pasig. Contact numbers: 09151338091, (02) 6502153

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