3 Blogging Purposes

Writing portfolio. I do aspire to be a travel writer someday. It’s not a serious goal, (absolutely not a quick win) that I’m trying to achieve, but if there is a chance and I feel ready, it would be great to travel and write for a living. This is a fantasy  – as of press time I am writing this from my workstation in the office. Not there yet.

Cagayan De Oro Tricycle
A tricycle in Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao fits 8 people (including the driver)

Expression. Being able to translate ideas into words that people can read and build their opinion on is cool. I don’t have much followers or readers, this I know, but I do check my blog visits and I see some readers from different parts of the world and that alone serves as fuel to keep writing. I recently got invited to visit Isla Una, a restaurant serving all-Filipino food. I never would have had this opportunity without this blog!

Never thought I’ll be invited as a blogger to write about food!

Fun. Everything all boils down to whether it’s fun or not. A friend of mine shared with me his biggest learning in life: Life is simple. It’s us humans that make it complicated. As individuals who grew up in a social construct (go to school, get a job, be polite, respect women and elderly, etc.) we tend to follow rules for the sake of following them and not because we want to. I’m 30, getting older by the day and I don’t like wasting my time on things that stress me out. Eliminating the tiny sources of stress in my life has become one of my greatest joys.  It’s fun to share the things that make me happy. You should do it too! Diving makes me happy. Traveling to new places make me happy. Doing physical activities that need mental awareness and lots of focus make me happy. What is that one thing (or those things) for you?

Snorkeling in Batangas is FUN and it’s free!!!

So go do what makes you happy! I wish you a lot of love, light, positive vibes and peace of mind. 🙂

Here’s a short clip from a sea trip and my review of Earth Kitchen, that restaurant that promotes our local produce and other raw materials from Filipino farmers and workers.


One thought on “3 Blogging Purposes

  1. Ditto. I keep a travel blog because I love both writing and traveling. We don’t have many followers (yet) but it makes me happy that our friends visit and read our blog.

    Cheers to us. 🙂


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