Traveling to Camiguin Is A Trip In Itself

There are 3 words to describe my first trip to Mindanao: calm, slow, mellow. There’s time to lie down in my hotel room to chill and rest. There’s time to hang out at a milk tea place (even if far away from home I get milk tea!!) to do a bit of drawing.

Traveling with no plans is a good idea, at least to me. When my couchsurfing host in Cagayan De Oro encouraged me to go to Camiguin Island, it got me excited and decided to take the first trip to the island the next day. I had to take a van to take me to the port. I remember the boarding gate to be quiet, no music was playing, there weren’t a lot of people though I was expecting more. There was just 1 gate. As usual, I spent some time to talk to a girl who was born in Camiguin.

Camiguin Boat Ride Port

One of my favorite photos from the trip: people ready to go on vacation for the weekend or go home to their families in Camiguin Island.

Camiguin Boat Ride
The heat was consuming, but the view that this ride offers is too good to miss..

Camiguin Boat Ride People

Camiguin Boat Ride Facebook
Even in the middle of nowhere, these mommies are updated with the latest chika on their Facebook newsfeed.
Camiguin Boat Ride Port View
The sun is beautiful and makes everything under her beautiful too.
Camiguin Boat Ride People
Waiting to dock
Camiguin Boat
These are the small boats used to visit the Sunken Cemetery that’s located in the middle of the sea.

If you have observed, this blog is not a travel guide. It’s more a storytelling sesh turned digital. My blog posts are mini stories that I gather from my trips, almost the same as what you can see in my writing journal. If you and I had a face-to-face conversation, you’d probably hear the same thing minus the hand gestures and facial expression.

If you like it, please stay a bit and move on the next story. Or even share it.

Here’s a glimpse of my white water adventure in CDO. Yes, I love the water. Since 2016 began, I’ve been to the sea probably more than 10x and I want more!! Check out these little movies I made from my freediving sessions with friends and family. #lovingiMovie

Curious about couchsurfing? It’s basically making friends with locals and staying with them and having a cultural exchange. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea and it’s understandable. For me, it has made my trips more meaningful. More real. More…profound. Create an account and make friends from all over the world!

Wishing you safety and fun in all your adventures!


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