Camiguin, A Little Island of Diamonds In The Philippines

At least that’s how I remember it. I was in Camiguin Island earlier this year and there is one perfect image in my head. It was during my visit to the Guiob Church Ruins, destroyed when Mt. Hibok-Hibok erupted in 1871. I walked further, close to the sea and I saw diamonds in the water.

Here’s how to make that trip happen coming from Cagayan De Oro (MNL-CDO return flights are available through budget airline Cebu Pacific):

  1. From Agora terminal, take a van to Balingoan Port. This ride will take around 1.5 to 2 hours. Fare is between 120-140 PHP.
  2. From Balingoan Port, take a boat into Benoni Port. Terminal fee and fare will cost you around 150 pesos.
  3. When you arrive in Benoni Port, you can ask a motorbike (or habal-habal) driver to take you to your hotel, or hire him for a day (P700 pesos) to tour the island, or take a jeep to Mambajao which is the city center. Jeepney ride will cost you 25PHP only.

I booked at GV Hotel which is the same hotel that I used in CDO. It’s affordable, room is basic and the staff is SUPER nice and helpful. They also helped me find a guide (it was Kuya Allan for me).

I also got their famous Yema Pastel, this yummy desert made of bread with cream inside, and Yema balls!! All made of milk and sugar and Camiguin loooove.

For a day of touring the entire island, my guide charged around 800 pesos. These are the places we visited with his motorbike:

Most men (and fathers) in this island live through working as guides, farmers and construction workers.

Mt. Hibok-Hibok

Camiguin Mt. Hibok Hibok
I missed hiking Mt. Hibok-Hibok because I didn’t bring my hiking shoes!! 😦
Camiguin Island
Leaves me breathless

Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery

Giant Clam Sanctuary

Camiguin Giant Clam Sanctuary
HUGE clams are being cultured in this place. The people are not praying or offering prayers, they are listening to the student that’s telling us the life stories of these clams. Did you know that they (the clams) grow up to be hermaphrodites??

Beach right behind the Sanctuary

Guiob Church Ruins. The church was destroyed in the 1800s due to volcanic eruption of Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

Camiguin Guiob Church Ruins

Walkway, Stations of the Cross

Camiguin Walkway

Katibawasan Falls

Camiguin Katibawasan Falls
REALLY COLD – i didn’t dare swim in it

At night time we also went to Ardent Hot Springs. The water was truly hot and perfect for that cold night!! I stayed in one of the pools listening to young people speak in Bisaya.

I went to Camiguin from Cagayan De Oro where I did my first white water rafting activity! I cherish that trip a lot and I enjoyed the boat ride too!

Camiguin Diamonds
Do you see those tiny diamonds?

I love Camiguin so much and I would love to go back. When I do, I prefer to go back with my significant other (looking to my left, looking to my right, but there’s no one) to make it more memorable than it already is. 🙂

Today I wish you diamonds in the form of kind words and gestures!



2 thoughts on “Camiguin, A Little Island of Diamonds In The Philippines

    1. Thank you, Ana! You’re lucky to live so close to Camiguin. I would like to go back one day, and I hope this post promotes the place more so people will visit and see it!


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