Now Writing for WhatsUpBGC!

The first thing that popped in my mind right after typing the title was….the image of my Grade School Yearbook photo with my ambition as: To be a writer.

I WANTED to write when I was young! Even though ‘life’ happened, I continued writing, and writing, and writing, notebook after notebook. I was 7 or 8 years of age when I started the habit of journaling. Writing down my thoughts came naturally for me. I don’t remember speaking English at home, we were always using Filipino, but of course school taught me how to do this. The very first English book I read is called ‘Bug Off’. It’s about a sister who got so annoyed with her little brother that she wished for him to become a bug, and he did turn into a bug.

In college, I got a bit ‘techie’ and tried blogging. I used Blogspot for my very first blog. This, travelwithodyssa, is my third and the one that I am happiest with.

Through this blog, I got connected to a lot of brilliant human beings, travel became closer to my heart and I’m totally loving it!! With the amazing hand of the universe, I (or my online being) fell into the lap of WhatsUpBGC’s content editor and I got in as one of the contributing writers. Yey!

So these are some of the articles I have written so far. Some are ‘spin-offs’ of some of my blog posts.

WhatsupBGC is an online publication and a go-to site for anything BGC related – food, places, events, and everything else you can think of. 

Here’s one of my favorites: The Bambike Art Tour in BGC

BGC Art Tour Bambike 2
BGC Art Tours, coming right up! Photo by Jervy Santiago.
BGC Art Tour Bambike
Supergirlcrush Anina Rubio by one of Nate Frizzell’s artworks. Photo by Jervy Santiago.

Check out this website that I’m writing for and I hope you pick up something new, and enjoy it!

Lesson: Do whatever it is that fuels you and makes life richer. Keep doing it even if you don’t get recognized. Work hard.







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