Where Are We Heading?

This keeps ringing in my head. On top of my events that are happening to my country down to the smaller scale of things, I ponder on the direction where my life is headed and ask:


Close friends and family know me to be restless, I always think of things to do, places to go and people to connect with. My calendar is almost always full. I complain about feeling tired and wanting an entire year off, but actually, I like that thing about my life. Most importantly, it’s fun!!

Being a girl scout with an emergency kit attached to my backpack

Then there are the quiet days like today. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, no music, no sound of TV, only Peanut (my adopted shih tzu) and my laptop.


I know where. I look at my schedule and this is where I want to go:

  1. Boost my online presence and reach out to more people and organizations that matter to me.
  2. Go back to reading books that will expand me. I have said this SO many times in the past and still haven’t done it. Fairly disappointing!
  3. Books & Bikes Project which I will launch next month.
  4. Try to be selfless and do some community work somewhere in the Philippines. Thinking of Tacloban.
  5. Keep writing. I am still in contact with Filipino organization that creates bicycles out of bamboo Bambike so we’re doing another mini-project soon.
  6. My art life was paused and I need to continue this soon. Doing a workshop in August which I am excited about!! Hihi.

This is where I am heading. These are all short-term goals that are attainable in the next few months. I make no long-term goals. The future is blurry and there are no fixed plans for the next 1-2 years. I got this habit from Tim Ferriss, whose book The 4-Hour Work Week changed my life in a lot of ways. THANK YOU TIM!!!

This is where I am heading. Do you have these questions in mind too? I’m sure I’m not alone. 





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