Books On Bikes With Museo Pambata

A month ago, I asked for help in delivering books to Museo Pambata. There were 3 friends who heeded my call and they helped make this project a success!

On Saturday, July 23, we delivered used books to the museum which was also the celebration of the 21st anniversary of Museo’s Mobile Library. This platform promotes literacy among children from underserved areas.

Thank you to Jonas, Ew and Noel for your willingness to carry the books under the hot Manila sun!!

Books On Bikes Set Up 2
Loading books into our packs from Fifth Avenue Place, BGC, Taguig City


Books On Bikes Set up
Best thing about boys who bike? They help girls with their bikes. 😀
Books On Bikes Mobile Library
Arriving at the museum while the Anniversary Program was ongoing!
Books On Bikes Turnover.JPG
‘Official turnover’ of books
Books On Bikes Museo Pambata
SELFIE with the kids!
Books On Bikes Cotopaxi
With my sturdy Cotopaxi Cusco and the Mobile Library van!
Books On Bikes Museum Tour
Thank you for the free museum tour! I decided to take a rest and read a book for a few minutes.

Official photos from the museum are here!! Get involved if you can, they are always looking for volunteers! Would you like to support the museum? Click here.

Thank you to my Ates Noreen, Maricel and Charlotte for the warm welcome and thank you, kids, for that selfie!! =D

To you, I wish you opportunities to give whatever it is that you can. The world will never run out of them, you just got to grab it and show the world that no matter where or who you are, there are ways to make a difference. 





2 thoughts on “Books On Bikes With Museo Pambata

  1. The kids look so happy after you guys donated the books! And the fact that you guys biked to go there was even more surprising! Glad to know you guys want to educate and make a difference!


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