Warehouse Eight, A Co-Working Space in Makati

Here I am, sitting with my laptop at Warehouse Eight, a 3-month-old co-working space in La Fuerza, Makati. Three things that came to mind during my visit: hip, artsy, fresh. It’s a new concept, slightly turning away from the usual idea of co-working spaces where goers are confined to cubicles, sitting all day – almost similar to working in a corporate office…just like what I do for 8-9 hours everyday. Yes it gets as serious as that!!

Warehouse Eight encourages collaboration, creation and thinking. The tables are sturdy and there is a wide enough floor space to walk around. There is a pantry where you can indulge yourself with food and drinks, just make sure you don’t leave mess on your table and floors!


For their Maker’s Launch, they invited several artists to leave their artistic footprint on their walls. And Kayla, one of the brilliant co-workers of Warehouse Eight, wants more!! Here’s a wall art by Filipina visual artist, Anina Rubio.


They are hosting offices in several rooms. You can listen to music (not loudly), conduct meetings, hold your events, do a flashmob or even get married here. True story.


Based on my personal experience, even if music was playing on the speakers and I can hear people speaking with each other, I was not disturbed at all. My thoughts continued to flow and I was able to write articles at a good pace. It offers the right amount of quiet and noise, flooring, space.

Photo by Francia Rosero

Interesting artwork by local artists are all over the place. Are you an artist? This is a good place to lay down all your pencils and paint and brushes and get inspired!

This is also an avenue for local artists to display their talent. There is a corner where these items are on display.


Coming from a fashion and design background, Kayla is hands-on with her ‘baby’. She takes care of the website, manages the events, hosting corporate and taking this place to all sorts of interesting directions. She was kind enough to host our little ‘project meeting’ and spent time with us too! Thank you, Kayla!!


I arrived while a school event was ongoing – I wonder how it would have been if we had something like this back when I was in college…our projects, group meetings, and AVPs would have looked totally different.

Fun fact: A guy once proposed to his girlfriend here. Hoping for a happy ending!

Does this seem interesting to you? Planning to visit or book Warehouse Eight for work or play? All the details that you need are on their website:


Creativity is a gift to be nurtured and a good environment that will allow you to do this should be shared. 🙂

All the best to your projects!!

This is a sponsored post. 


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