Places To See In Singapore

Turning a business trip into a fun trip is easy, says moi. Last February, my company sent me to Singapore to attend an Aviation Convention to network and find leads (I used to work under the Sales & Marketing Group). Being in sales is all about connecting with people and establishing trust. It’s not easy to turn leads into a client, but I learned a lot from the experience and it taught me how to think and operate in a different kind of setting.

I had the chance to explore the city with couchsurfers by joining a group through the CS website.

Singapore Botanic Gardens 3
Chelsea chasing waterfalls
Singapore Botanic Gardens 4
Hanging out by the water


Singapore’s transportation system is known for being efficient and easy to use. Here’s me and my BFF hanging out at one of the stations before my flight home.

Singapore Train Station
I stayed at their apartment for 2 nights and it was like having a slumber party after prom.

Bukit Timah’s Old Railway Track

Singapore Old Railway
When I saw this, I immediately thought that it’s a good venue for a pre-nup shoot.

Spending my alone time strolling along the roads of SG

Singapore Stroll
Spending my alone time strolling the streets of SG

Little India

Zam Zam Restaurant – please do not miss this place! Serves DELICIOUS Indian-Muslim food.

Singapore Zam Zam
Chicken Biryani, milk tea and curry soup. This is heaven.

The most famous mosque in Singapore, Masjid Sultan

National Gallery of Singapore features art of Southeast Asia. I gathered a lot of photos from this musuem and I think it deserves a separate post.

Singapore National Gallery
Exploring the museum with my Cotopaxi Cusco!

Marina Bay Sands from afar

Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Walked around the city with my CS friends Chelsea and Leslie

Gardens By The Bay

Singapore Gardens
My friends going loveydovey

Singapore Light Show

Singapore Light Show
It’s a quick show so better find your seat early!

Chijmes, a compound made of restaurants. It’s a former convent.

Clarke Quay

Singapore Clark Quay
Famous for bars, restaurants and clubs – this is where the night life is.

Lau Pa Sat Hawker Center – the best place to get food in Singapore is through a hawker place!!

Singapore Lau Pa Sat
Whatever it is you’re looking for food-wise, it’s in the hawker place. Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian…errrthing!! Agggh.

During this trip (after the days assigned for work) I luckily connected with Leslie from Couchsurfing, and showed us that Singapore is more than just a¬†progressive country with tons of buildings. There’s a lot of nature too. If you plan on exploring this side of SG, make your research and look for a local that can be trusted and willing to bring you around. This may not be easy to do, especially if you are used to joining *pricey* group tours, but give it a try!

Filipinos today visit SG more often – thanks to budget fares from Cebu Pacific and Air Asia – since there are relatives and friends who can accommodate and tour us around!

Wishing you adventure and explorations and good food.



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