Warehouse Eight, A Co-Working Space in Makati

Here I am, sitting with my laptop at Warehouse Eight, a 3-month-old co-working space in La Fuerza, Makati. Three things that came to mind during my visit: hip, artsy, fresh. It’s a new concept, slightly turning away from the usual idea of co-working spaces where goers are confined to cubicles, sitting all day – almost similar to working in a corporate office…just like what I do for 8-9 hours everyday. Yes it gets as serious as that!!

Warehouse Eight encourages collaboration, creation and thinking. The tables are sturdy and there is a wide enough floor space to walk around. There is a pantry where you can indulge yourself with food and drinks, just make sure you don’t leave mess on your table and floors!


For their Maker’s Launch, they invited several artists to leave their artistic footprint on their walls. And Kayla, one of the brilliant co-workers of Warehouse Eight, wants more!! Here’s a wall art by Filipina visual artist, Anina Rubio.


They are hosting offices in several rooms. You can listen to music (not loudly), conduct meetings, hold your events, do a flashmob or even get married here. True story.


Based on my personal experience, even if music was playing on the speakers and I can hear people speaking with each other, I was not disturbed at all. My thoughts continued to flow and I was able to write articles at a good pace. It offers the right amount of quiet and noise, flooring, space.

Photo by Francia Rosero

Interesting artwork by local artists are all over the place. Are you an artist? This is a good place to lay down all your pencils and paint and brushes and get inspired!

This is also an avenue for local artists to display their talent. There is a corner where these items are on display.


Coming from a fashion and design background, Kayla is hands-on with her ‘baby’. She takes care of the website, manages the events, hosting corporate and taking this place to all sorts of interesting directions. She was kind enough to host our little ‘project meeting’ and spent time with us too! Thank you, Kayla!!


I arrived while a school event was ongoing – I wonder how it would have been if we had something like this back when I was in college…our projects, group meetings, and AVPs would have looked totally different.

Fun fact: A guy once proposed to his girlfriend here. Hoping for a happy ending!

Does this seem interesting to you? Planning to visit or book Warehouse Eight for work or play? All the details that you need are on their website:


Creativity is a gift to be nurtured and a good environment that will allow you to do this should be shared. 🙂

All the best to your projects!!

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7 Flavors Buffet Restaurant by Chef Boy Logro

I had an opportunity to visit Chef Boy Logo’s restaurant in Additional Hills, San Juan. The first thing I noticed? The space. It is a huge restaurant with the buffet area located on the 2nd floor. As you walk into the restaurant, you will notice that it is a good place to hold events such as wedding reception, debut celebrations, parties etc.

It was a rainy night when I visited with other bloggers. Here’s Krish with the restaurant in the background! Check out her site here!


A photo with Chef Boy Logro. That’s is a pretty good shot of him. =P

Pablo Logro, popularly known as Boy Logro or Chef Boy is a Filipino celebrity chef known for his cooking shows, Idol sa Kusina and Kusina Master from GMA 7.



On the first floor is their cafe with a dainty look. This is where you can order their bestselling flavoured ensaymada, cakes (blueberry cheesecake and chocolate cakes looked GREAT by the way) and hot drinks like coffee and tea. Here’s a shot taken by Krish in one of the nicer seats. Thank you Krish!!

7 Flavors Cafe

This was also the day that I celebrated my blog’s first anniversary!! Time flew by so fast, indeed. 🙂 It’s been a wild, fun journey and I look forward for what’s to come!

On to the 2nd floor where the buffet table is located. We were lucky to have been joined by Chef Boy’s co-owner, Kenneth Hung, an entrepreneur who is hands on with the other businesses under the MCH Group of companies. The cafe, buffet, cooking school (yes, I will attend their cooking class soon!), and catering services. We were also joined by Tin, their PR and Marketing Manager, and Albert Borja, COO.

My favourites from the buffet is the DIY taco!!! It is delicious no matter how you make it because of the meat.

7 Flavors DIY Taco

From the dessert, I loved Mango Tapioca. I almost got a second serving but my body could not contain the food anymore. I was ready to burst after my nth plate. Hihi.

7 Flavors Mango Tapioca

More of desserts

7 Flavors Cakes

7 Flavors Japanese
DIY halo halo to the right, Japanese maki to the left!


There is a salad bar. I tried Kani Salad and it’s okay.

7 Flavors Salad

The mains are equally delicious and there are enough dishes to fill your hungry belly.

7 Flavors Mains

7 Flavors Canon
While having dinner, Krish and I had a conversation about her camera, Canon, that’s taking awesome shots. 

My verdict: The place is not very easy to get to. I used Uber to get to the restaurant and I am unsure if there is public transportation that stops directly at the location.

Food is delicious. Buffet prices begin at 400 for lunch, 600 for dinner. It’s definitely worth visiting.

7 Flavors Tables

The menu was created by Chef Boy who used to cook for royalties, so you know your taste buds are in good hands.

7 Flavors is a one-stop shop for those who want to eat, drink, have coffee and spend quiet moments with close friends and family.

Location: 196 A. Mabini St, San Juan, 1556 Metro Manila, Philippines

For reservations, call +63 2 543 0325

Thank you, 7 Flavors! And I hope to attend your cooking class soon!!!

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Books On Bikes With Museo Pambata

A month ago, I asked for help in delivering books to Museo Pambata. There were 3 friends who heeded my call and they helped make this project a success!

On Saturday, July 23, we delivered used books to the museum which was also the celebration of the 21st anniversary of Museo’s Mobile Library. This platform promotes literacy among children from underserved areas.

Thank you to Jonas, Ew and Noel for your willingness to carry the books under the hot Manila sun!!

Books On Bikes Set Up 2
Loading books into our packs from Fifth Avenue Place, BGC, Taguig City


Books On Bikes Set up
Best thing about boys who bike? They help girls with their bikes. 😀
Books On Bikes Mobile Library
Arriving at the museum while the Anniversary Program was ongoing!
Books On Bikes Turnover.JPG
‘Official turnover’ of books
Books On Bikes Museo Pambata
SELFIE with the kids!
Books On Bikes Cotopaxi
With my sturdy Cotopaxi Cusco and the Mobile Library van!
Books On Bikes Museum Tour
Thank you for the free museum tour! I decided to take a rest and read a book for a few minutes.

Official photos from the museum are here!! Get involved if you can, they are always looking for volunteers! Would you like to support the museum? Click here.

Thank you to my Ates Noreen, Maricel and Charlotte for the warm welcome and thank you, kids, for that selfie!! =D

To you, I wish you opportunities to give whatever it is that you can. The world will never run out of them, you just got to grab it and show the world that no matter where or who you are, there are ways to make a difference. 




Places To See In Singapore

Turning a business trip into a fun trip is easy, says moi. Last February, my company sent me to Singapore to attend an Aviation Convention to network and find leads (I used to work under the Sales & Marketing Group). Being in sales is all about connecting with people and establishing trust. It’s not easy to turn leads into a client, but I learned a lot from the experience and it taught me how to think and operate in a different kind of setting.

I had the chance to explore the city with couchsurfers by joining a group through the CS website.

Singapore Botanic Gardens 3
Chelsea chasing waterfalls
Singapore Botanic Gardens 4
Hanging out by the water


Singapore’s transportation system is known for being efficient and easy to use. Here’s me and my BFF hanging out at one of the stations before my flight home.

Singapore Train Station
I stayed at their apartment for 2 nights and it was like having a slumber party after prom.

Bukit Timah’s Old Railway Track

Singapore Old Railway
When I saw this, I immediately thought that it’s a good venue for a pre-nup shoot.

Spending my alone time strolling along the roads of SG

Singapore Stroll
Spending my alone time strolling the streets of SG

Little India

Zam Zam Restaurant – please do not miss this place! Serves DELICIOUS Indian-Muslim food.

Singapore Zam Zam
Chicken Biryani, milk tea and curry soup. This is heaven.

The most famous mosque in Singapore, Masjid Sultan

National Gallery of Singapore features art of Southeast Asia. I gathered a lot of photos from this musuem and I think it deserves a separate post.

Singapore National Gallery
Exploring the museum with my Cotopaxi Cusco!

Marina Bay Sands from afar

Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Walked around the city with my CS friends Chelsea and Leslie

Gardens By The Bay

Singapore Gardens
My friends going loveydovey

Singapore Light Show

Singapore Light Show
It’s a quick show so better find your seat early!

Chijmes, a compound made of restaurants. It’s a former convent.

Clarke Quay

Singapore Clark Quay
Famous for bars, restaurants and clubs – this is where the night life is.

Lau Pa Sat Hawker Center – the best place to get food in Singapore is through a hawker place!!

Singapore Lau Pa Sat
Whatever it is you’re looking for food-wise, it’s in the hawker place. Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian…errrthing!! Agggh.

During this trip (after the days assigned for work) I luckily connected with Leslie from Couchsurfing, and showed us that Singapore is more than just a progressive country with tons of buildings. There’s a lot of nature too. If you plan on exploring this side of SG, make your research and look for a local that can be trusted and willing to bring you around. This may not be easy to do, especially if you are used to joining *pricey* group tours, but give it a try!

Filipinos today visit SG more often – thanks to budget fares from Cebu Pacific and Air Asia – since there are relatives and friends who can accommodate and tour us around!

Wishing you adventure and explorations and good food.


Books on Bikes Project, Need Volunteers

The time has come! Join me and other bikers to bring our collected books to the library of  Museo Pambata on July 30, 2016, Saturday! This coincides with the celebration of Museo Pambata’s Mobile Library! Let’s meet up at my place first – Fifth Avenue Place, 21st Drive, BGC, Taguig City by 8:30 A.M. Questions are welcome, and confirm with your comment if you’re G! Check out the route below.

Picture-picture sa Museo helicopter pagkatapos. 

Also, best to bring enough water as it’s probably going to be a very hot day! 🙂


Where Are We Heading?

This keeps ringing in my head. On top of my events that are happening to my country down to the smaller scale of things, I ponder on the direction where my life is headed and ask:


Close friends and family know me to be restless, I always think of things to do, places to go and people to connect with. My calendar is almost always full. I complain about feeling tired and wanting an entire year off, but actually, I like that thing about my life. Most importantly, it’s fun!!

Being a girl scout with an emergency kit attached to my backpack

Then there are the quiet days like today. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, no music, no sound of TV, only Peanut (my adopted shih tzu) and my laptop.


I know where. I look at my schedule and this is where I want to go:

  1. Boost my online presence and reach out to more people and organizations that matter to me.
  2. Go back to reading books that will expand me. I have said this SO many times in the past and still haven’t done it. Fairly disappointing!
  3. Books & Bikes Project which I will launch next month.
  4. Try to be selfless and do some community work somewhere in the Philippines. Thinking of Tacloban.
  5. Keep writing. I am still in contact with Filipino organization that creates bicycles out of bamboo Bambike so we’re doing another mini-project soon.
  6. My art life was paused and I need to continue this soon. Doing a workshop in August which I am excited about!! Hihi.

This is where I am heading. These are all short-term goals that are attainable in the next few months. I make no long-term goals. The future is blurry and there are no fixed plans for the next 1-2 years. I got this habit from Tim Ferriss, whose book The 4-Hour Work Week changed my life in a lot of ways. THANK YOU TIM!!!

This is where I am heading. Do you have these questions in mind too? I’m sure I’m not alone. 




Now Writing for WhatsUpBGC!

The first thing that popped in my mind right after typing the title was….the image of my Grade School Yearbook photo with my ambition as: To be a writer.

I WANTED to write when I was young! Even though ‘life’ happened, I continued writing, and writing, and writing, notebook after notebook. I was 7 or 8 years of age when I started the habit of journaling. Writing down my thoughts came naturally for me. I don’t remember speaking English at home, we were always using Filipino, but of course school taught me how to do this. The very first English book I read is called ‘Bug Off’. It’s about a sister who got so annoyed with her little brother that she wished for him to become a bug, and he did turn into a bug.

In college, I got a bit ‘techie’ and tried blogging. I used Blogspot for my very first blog. This, travelwithodyssa, is my third and the one that I am happiest with.

Through this blog, I got connected to a lot of brilliant human beings, travel became closer to my heart and I’m totally loving it!! With the amazing hand of the universe, I (or my online being) fell into the lap of WhatsUpBGC’s content editor and I got in as one of the contributing writers. Yey!

So these are some of the articles I have written so far. Some are ‘spin-offs’ of some of my blog posts.

WhatsupBGC is an online publication and a go-to site for anything BGC related – food, places, events, and everything else you can think of. 

Here’s one of my favorites: The Bambike Art Tour in BGC

BGC Art Tour Bambike 2
BGC Art Tours, coming right up! Photo by Jervy Santiago.
BGC Art Tour Bambike
Supergirlcrush Anina Rubio by one of Nate Frizzell’s artworks. Photo by Jervy Santiago.

Check out this website that I’m writing for and I hope you pick up something new, and enjoy it!

Lesson: Do whatever it is that fuels you and makes life richer. Keep doing it even if you don’t get recognized. Work hard.






Beware: Bikini Photos from Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines

I know, I know — too many photos. But the message of this post is really to let you know that Puerto Galera is probably the prettiest place you can reach via boat coming from Manila. These photos were taken right in front of Montani Beach Resort in Sabang Beach. It is one of the most recommended resorts in that area. It’s clean, tiny, has a pool, really cozy. They serve good food too. This is NOT a sponsored post.

Sabang is famous for its dive resorts. If you get a chance to visit, you will notice that visitors come from all over the world and the reason they are there is to dive and snorkel.

To get to Sabang Beach coming from Manila:

  1. Take a bus going to Batangas Pier.
  2. Take a boat going to Sabang.
  3. Land on Sabang beach and look for your resort!

It will cost you around 300-400 pesos for a one way trip.

Hoping you get the same amount of sun when you go!

Camiguin, A Little Island of Diamonds In The Philippines

At least that’s how I remember it. I was in Camiguin Island earlier this year and there is one perfect image in my head. It was during my visit to the Guiob Church Ruins, destroyed when Mt. Hibok-Hibok erupted in 1871. I walked further, close to the sea and I saw diamonds in the water.

Here’s how to make that trip happen coming from Cagayan De Oro (MNL-CDO return flights are available through budget airline Cebu Pacific):

  1. From Agora terminal, take a van to Balingoan Port. This ride will take around 1.5 to 2 hours. Fare is between 120-140 PHP.
  2. From Balingoan Port, take a boat into Benoni Port. Terminal fee and fare will cost you around 150 pesos.
  3. When you arrive in Benoni Port, you can ask a motorbike (or habal-habal) driver to take you to your hotel, or hire him for a day (P700 pesos) to tour the island, or take a jeep to Mambajao which is the city center. Jeepney ride will cost you 25PHP only.

I booked at GV Hotel which is the same hotel that I used in CDO. It’s affordable, room is basic and the staff is SUPER nice and helpful. They also helped me find a guide (it was Kuya Allan for me).

I also got their famous Yema Pastel, this yummy desert made of bread with cream inside, and Yema balls!! All made of milk and sugar and Camiguin loooove.

For a day of touring the entire island, my guide charged around 800 pesos. These are the places we visited with his motorbike:

Most men (and fathers) in this island live through working as guides, farmers and construction workers.

Mt. Hibok-Hibok

Camiguin Mt. Hibok Hibok
I missed hiking Mt. Hibok-Hibok because I didn’t bring my hiking shoes!! 😦
Camiguin Island
Leaves me breathless

Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery

Giant Clam Sanctuary

Camiguin Giant Clam Sanctuary
HUGE clams are being cultured in this place. The people are not praying or offering prayers, they are listening to the student that’s telling us the life stories of these clams. Did you know that they (the clams) grow up to be hermaphrodites??

Beach right behind the Sanctuary

Guiob Church Ruins. The church was destroyed in the 1800s due to volcanic eruption of Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

Camiguin Guiob Church Ruins

Walkway, Stations of the Cross

Camiguin Walkway

Katibawasan Falls

Camiguin Katibawasan Falls
REALLY COLD – i didn’t dare swim in it

At night time we also went to Ardent Hot Springs. The water was truly hot and perfect for that cold night!! I stayed in one of the pools listening to young people speak in Bisaya.

I went to Camiguin from Cagayan De Oro where I did my first white water rafting activity! I cherish that trip a lot and I enjoyed the boat ride too!

Camiguin Diamonds
Do you see those tiny diamonds?

I love Camiguin so much and I would love to go back. When I do, I prefer to go back with my significant other (looking to my left, looking to my right, but there’s no one) to make it more memorable than it already is. 🙂

Today I wish you diamonds in the form of kind words and gestures!