Where To Next?

Long term plans have never been my thing, even when I was younger. I never ever wanted to own a house nor a car. I never wanted the responsibility of paying for and caring for property for many years. I think I never felt like I wanted to settle in one place.

This way of life became even stronger and evident through the years. When making life decisions (e.g. where to go next, how to execute a project, saying ‘yes’ to an invitation), my brain automatically brings out these 3 judgement calls

  • What do I really want to do?
  • What do I love to do? (1 and 2 are very different from each other)
  • What is good and right for this moment?

It’s my own 4-way truth test but kind of silly…

And then come the ‘overthinking’ and ‘overexcited’ phase but that’s an entry for another time.

Whether it’s right or wrong, I have no way of knowing, but so far…it’s working.

Tarak Ridge, Bataan
Tarak Ridge, Bataan

Share with me how you make YOUR decisions.

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